Infobase: Collaborators


Collaborators at the University of St Andrews:

  • Carlos Penedo - Single molecule biophysics. link
  • Jim Naismith - Structural biology. link
  • Simon Powis - Immune system in health and disease. link
  • Alan Stewart - Cell signalling and metal ion physiology. link
  • Gordon Cramb - Endocrinology. link
  • Stephen Gillespie - Clinical and biological study of respiratory infection. link
  • Frank Gunn-Moore - Molecular neurobiology. link
  • David Jackson - Molecular virology. link
  • Mario Giardini - Engineering in medicine, physics and industry. link

Collaborators worldwide:

  • Martin Embley, University of Newcastle - Molecular and cellular evolution of microbial eukaryotes. link
  • Edmund Kunji, University of Cambridge - Mitochondrial biology. link
  • Roland Lill, University of Marburg - Cytopathology. link
  • David Bhella, University of Glasgow - Electron tomography. link
  • Terry Mayhew, University of Nottingham - Quantitative stereology. link