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Group leader:

John M Lucocq

John Lucocq


phone: 01334 463547

Research: I am a medically qualified research scientist working in the area of cell biology and electron microscopy. I also have an interest in membrane lipids, membrane traffic and mitosis. I have made discoveries in the areas of membrane compartmentation, organelle partitioning in mitosis and the evolution of organelles.

Teaching: I have extensive experience in medical, dental, and life sciences teaching; delivering courses in the areas of cellular biochemistry, membrane traffic, problem solving, statistics and quantitative techniques as well as gross anatomy, histology and stereology. I have a 30 years experience in teaching international (european and world) courses on quantitative electron microscopy and immunoelectron microscopy. I specialise in teaching function-oriented neuroanatomy and neuroscience courses.

Journalism: I have an interest in medical journalism and popular science writing as well as motivational speaking.

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Postdoctoral research assistant:

Christian Hacker

Christian Hacker


phone: 01334 46 3085

Research: Investigating the structure, biogenesis and function of microsporidian mitosomes.

I studied biology at the University of Wuerzburg in Germany and graduated in cell biology in 2005 having worked on nuclear export. I continued research in the department of cell and developmental biology in Wuerzburg and was rewarded a PhD in 2010 with the work on the involvement of the major vault protein in nuclear pore complex formation in the lab of Prof Dabauvalle. Microscopy played a central role in my studies in Wuerzburg and therefore I decided to specialise in electron microscopy for my future work.

Moving from Germany to Scotland in 2010 I started as a post-doctoral researcher in the lab of Dr John Lucocq at the University of Dundee with a focus on cutting edge electron microscopy.

I followed Dr Lucocq to the University of St Andrews in 2012 and joined the School of Medicine where we set-up a lab specialised on electron microscopic techniques which include conventional TEM, cryo-EM, electron tomography - all combined with quantitative stereological analysis.

I currently work on the structure, life cycle and cellular function of microsporidian mitosomes, tiny mitochondrial remnants with enigmatic function as well as starting and continuing collaborations inside the School of Medicine as well as with collaboration partners outside the University of St Andrews.

I am looking forward to share and expand my knowledge of electron microscopy and cell biology in general.


MRes students

Zorbey Turkalp



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